Safe Zone Training

Safe Zone Trainings are opportunities to learn about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and other (LGBTQ+) identities, gender, and sexual orientation.

Lynchburg Diversity Center’s Safe Zone program is part of several nationally recognized programs including SAFE SPACE and SAFE ZONE that provide training for institutions and individuals committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. We offer several types of training programs to meet the needs of you, your organization, business, colleagues.


SAFE Lynchburg Cultural Competency Training Goals Are:
1. To increase knowledge about LGBTQ+ individuals
2. To decrease negative attitudes about LGBTQ+ individuals
3. To increase effective interactions with LGBTQ+ individuals


Safe Zone Trainings can be as varied as the cultures they are helping organizations learn to navigate. Trainings can range from under an hour to a full day and can take place with a handful of individuals or an auditorium full of people. Participants can vary in many ways, including age, staff role, and level of exposure to LGBTQ+ issues. And the focus of trainings can range from the very basic to highly focused trainings on single issues, such as Transgender 101.

As a result, one single Safe Zone Training curriculum cannot serve all needs. Trainings need to be adapted to fit the specific cultural competency needs of the requesting organization, university, or healthcare facility. The Safe Zone curriculum is designed to be easily customized for a wide range of training needs, lengths, and formats.

Contact Lynchburg Diversity Center for information about scheduling a training for your employees, team, or organization.